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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Reconstruction in Iraq Continues...

Stories from CENTCOM

Al Anbar
Construction started on six Compact Water Unit projects in the Al Anbar Governorate—five in the Al Rutba District and one in Ramadi. Each of the $130K CERP projects (Commander's Emergency Response Program-grass roots funded program working between local leaders to address immediate needs) require the installation of 1,200 to 2,400 m3/day compact water units and all accessories to supply fresh water to communities ranging from 1,600 to 3,200 Iraqi residents. All of the projects have an estimated completion date of March 2006.

Work is completed on the Abu Ghraib Water Reservoir in Baghdad Province. The repairs restore proper potable water to over 100,000 residents for the East and West Abu Ghraib area of Baghdad and the Fallujah Area. Before refurbishment, the facility ran at less than 50 percent capacity due to low water feed from Shuala reservoir, poor equipment, and conditions within the site. In the Baghdad Governorate, there are 50 Public Works & Water projects programmed, with 22 completed—or 44 percent.

Construction is complete on an Electrical Distribution Network project that will benefit approximately 250,000 residents in the Rusafa area of Baghdad. The $1M CERP project installed two new 33kv underground feeders (36km) from the Rashdiya 132/33/11kv substation to Hamed Shihab, and a 33/11kv substation in the Rusafa District of Baghdad.

Construction started on a Sewer project for the Adhamiyah neighborhood, Baghdad Province. The $537K CERP project is estimated for completion February 2006, and will serve approximately 100,000 residents of this Baghdad neighborhood. The scope of work for this project includes construction of a complete sewer network of approximately 4 km of sewage lines and associated facilities. The project also includes installing vents and a storm water network with catch basins and channels it to sewer mains.

Construction is complete on an Electrical Distribution Network Project in 9 Nissan, Baghdad Governorate that will service over 20,000 Iraqi residents in the community. The $2M Mahalla 701 Electrical Distribution Network project provided materials, labor and equipment to replace 21km of ABC Twisted Cable for the residential network of 1,000 homes with: one 50 kV transformer per 40 houses; three 400 kV transformers; installation of 825 poles; installation of 250A and 400A circuit breakers; installation of luminaries; and rehabilitation and repair of additional outgoing 11kv. This project will benefit the 20,000 people in the community. Currently, 51 of 140 Electrical Distribution projects programmed in the Baghdad Governorate are complete—or 36 percent.

Construction is complete on a Security & Justice project that will allow for the proper training of the border police and provide additional logistical support for borer patrols in Fardaghia, Al Basrah Governorate. The scope of this project was for the construction of a border fort along the border between Iraq and Iran. Construction consisted of a bed down area, kitchen, armory, observation posts, perimeter security lighting, berm, offices, showers and generator power. The facility increases security along the Iraqi/Iranian border. Presently 23 of 24 Border Fort projects programmed in the Al Basrah governorate are complete—or 95 percent.

Work is completed on two Vehicle Check Point projects in the Maysan Governorate; the Najadiya and Al Amarah Districts. The scope of work on both projects was design and construction of a permanent facility, consisting of HESCO walls around a new perimeter wall, security building, guard station, parking shelter, and blast protected inspection areas. These projects increase the security within the two districts’ areas by controlling traffic flow and providing a secure area for police to inspect vehicles for weapons and explosives. Each project was $300K. In the Maysan Governorate, there are 29 Security and Justice projects programmed, with 23 completed—or 79 percent.

Work is complete on the $1.9M Sayranban Point of Entry, near Penjawin, Al Sulaymaniyah Province. This project constructed a new point of entry that will provide the Iraqi Border Patrol and Ministry of Interior a facility to monitor and control the passage of vehicles and persons between Iraq and Iran. In the Al Sulaymaniyah Province, there are 42 Security & Justice projects programmed; 32 of which are completed—or 76 percent.

Construction is complete for two Water Network Projects that will benefit approximately 1,300 homes or approximately 7,500 Iraqi residents in Kut City, Wasit Governorate. The $310K Al Abasseya Water Network Project and the $670K Al Anware and Door Ray Water Network Project each employed an average of 50 Iraqi workers daily for 10 months. The networks provide a total of eight kilometers of new pipeline, replacing damaged pipes and extending the networks. Presently, four of seven Water Projects programmed in the Wasit Governorate are complete—or 57 percent.

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