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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Iraqi Forces divert mission to aid citizen in distress

Release Date: 7/27/2006
Release Number: 06-07-02PM
Created at 7/27/2006 7:42 AM by Matthew Hasson.
Last modified at 7/27/2006 7:42 AM by Matthew Hasson.
Description: BALAD – During a pre-dawn raid in Baghdad on July 26 to capture a ‘death squad’ member, Iraqi forces diverted their mission to free an Iraqi citizen who was abducted and being beaten by two unknown assailants.

As the Iraqi forces moved toward their original objective in the Abu Ghurayb area of Baghdad, they discovered an Iraqi citizen who was bound and being beaten by two men while he lay on the ground.

The Iraqi assault force surprised the kidnappers and an exchange of gunfire ensued. During the gun fight, one of the kidnappers and the hostage were wounded while the second kidnapper fled the scene. Both were treated on the scene by a U.S. Army Special Forces medic who was with the Iraqi forces in an advisory capacity.

The hostage and the kidnapper were evacuated immediately to a nearby U.S. military medical facility for emergency treatment. Both are expected to recover.

The hostage was abducted at approximately 10 p.m. on July 25 as he returned home from work.

No Iraqi or coalition forces were injured during this operation.


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