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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Collection of My Links-April

Lockheed Martin Delivers New-production MH-60R to US Navy Apr. 1, 2006.
Links to Sikorsky.
Iran Ups the Ante Mon. 4/2.
Yale Needs to Burst the Bubble They Live In Mon. 4/3.
Links to the Opinion Journal.
This is the Flag, you should hold up 4/3.
Links to OldSgt'sOutPost.blogspot.com.
Warlord Taylor to Face Justice! 4/3.
Saddam Charged for Gassing Kurds in 80's Tue. 4/4.
Links to Yahoo news.
Old Sgt's Out "Post": Calling All BLOGGERS, Time To Rally Around The Flag Wed. 4/5.
Links to Old Sgt's Out Post.
America Supports You 4/06/2006 Thu. 4/6.
Iranian Missiles Possibly Can Carry Nukes Fri. 4/7.
Plane carrying House members fired on with Russian missile Sun. 4/9.
Links to The Bos'un Locker. He does a LOT of the writing around here, the ol' seadog. :)
DoD Announces Recruiting and Retention Numbers for March Mon. 4/10.
Links to Defenselink.mil.
Pentagon Channel Adds Video Podcasting to Production Line Wed. 4/12.
Links to The Bos'un Locker.
Operation Mountain Lion - Afghanistan 4/12.
Links to Rumors of War (.blogspot.com)
Hilton to oust veteran-honoring steakhouse Fri. 4/14.
Links to The Bos'un Locker.
Casey Sheehan, Rest in Peace Sat. 4/15.
Links to The Bos'un Locker.
ANA graduates 1st radio operator & maintenance class Sun. 4/16.
Links to Centcom.
Clean Water for 2.5 million Basrah Residents 4/16.
Links to Centcom.
Docs Work Hard, Save Lives 4/16.
Links to Centcom.
Provincial, Coalition Authorities Open School for Girls. By Combined Forces Command. 4/16.
Renovated Maternity Hospital Delivers Improved Care 4/16.
Links to Centcom.
IMHO (In My Humble Opinion). 4/16.
Religion: He is Risen. Hallelujah! 4/16.
Links to www.Bible.org.
Afghan aviators make historic return to Bagram Airfield Mon. 4/17.
Links to cfc-a.Centcom.mil.
Operation Mountain Lion update Tue. 4/18.
Links to cfc-a.Centcom.mil.
Afghan Update Fri. 4/21.
National Guard and Reserve Legislative Alert. Mon. 4/24.
Interview with Secretary Rumsfeld. 4/24.
Military Tribunal Hearing to Start Today. Tue. 4/25.
300,000 Liberian Refugees Resettled. 4/25.
Terrorists Strike Egypt. 4/25.
It's Official 4/25.
Links to World Net Daily.
Press Availability with Secretary Rumsfeld Wed. 4/26.
The Pig Barks. 4/26.
Navy: Littiral Combat Ships (LCS) Thu. 4/27.
Links to DefenseLink.mil.
Making Democracy Work. 4/27.
Legilative Alert: National Guard. 4/27.
Laura Ingram inteviews Sec Def Rumfeld. Fri. 4/28.
The New Kid on My Block is Pretty Cool! Sat. 4/29.
Iran Gets First North Korean-Made Missiles. Sun. 4/30.

Well. I think I'm going to stop at April. My goodness. I still have to write my one for today, and there is breaking news about a mass shooting in San Fran. I have to go check it out. It happened sometime around 1 pm, but no one is reporting it. They're all caught up with Katrina. Oh, btw, it was in a Jewish area.


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