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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Joint Cargo Aircraft: Legislative Alert: #06-19

The Issue: Joint Cargo Aircraft (JCA) program. Time is Running Out!
Action Required: Contact your Senators to ask them to urge Senate Conferees to recede to the House language and authorize full funding for the Joint Cargo Aircraft program in the FY07 National Defense Authorization Act conference negotiations.

Congress is returning from the August recess on 5 September. Senators and House members will be meeting to finalize the differences in their versions of the FY07 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The House version authorized and included funding for the Joint Cargo Aircraft (JCA) program while the Senate did not. Both chambers of Congress will reconcile their differences to the 2007 defense authorization and appropriations and pass this important legislation by mid-September.

A Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between the Vice Chiefs of the Army and Air Force was signed on June 20, 2006, establishing the “way ahead” for merging the Army Future Cargo Aircraft (FCA) and Air Force Light Cargo Aircraft (LCA) to form the overall JCA program. The Senate began consideration of their version of the NDAA before the MoA was signed, and subsequently declined to fully authorize the program in their bill. It is critical that the Senate revisit this most important issue.

The Army National Guard is scheduled to field the JCA to replace aging and lesser performing C-23 and C-26 aircraft. The National Guard Bureau is also promoting the JCA as a follow-on mission for Air National Guard wings that will lose aircraft as a result of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC). When not deployed in support of the Global War on Terror or other contingencies, these aircraft will be available for state missions such as disaster response and homeland security needs.

The National Guard Association of the United States and our partners fully support this program. It is critical that you contact your Senators and urge them to recede to the House language for JCA program authorization during negotiations right away. We must act now to ensure funding of this critical program!

By using the “Write to Congress” feature on the NGAUS webpage, you can email your elected officials immediately and send a pre-written message, or edit it as you desire for the issue described above. This is the quickest and most effective method of expressing your views to the President or members of Congress.

Also, contact your friends and family and urge them to "Write to Congress" as well. For more in-depth information and background, visit our web site at www.ngaus.org. Please direct any questions concerning this issue to Chris DeBatt, NGAUS Army Programs Manager at: 202-408-5899.

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