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Monday, August 07, 2006

Presidential Reserve Call-Up (PRC) Authority: #06-13

The Issue: Voicing strong opposition to Section 511 of HR 5122, the House-passed National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007 (NDAA FY07) that pre-empts governor’s control of the Guard.

Action Required: Contact your Senators and urge them to solicit support from the members of the defense authorization conference committee
HR 5122, the House defense authorization bill contains a provision that would allow the President to federalize National Guard members during a “serious natural or man-made disaster, accident or catastrophe that occurs in the United States, its territories and possessions, or Puerto Rico,” without prior consultation with the governor.

We feel this would allow the federal government to control National Guard members during times when governors will need those troops most, thereby negating the inherent line of authority from governor to adjutant general to individual Army and Air National Guard members.

The National Guard Association of the United States is strongly opposed to Section 511 of HR 5122. Conference committee members should be made aware of the dangerous precedent set by this section of HR 5122 and be asked to oppose it.

During the month of August, members of the defense authorization conference will meet to discuss important issues such as this, and we urge you to contact your Senators and ask them to solicit support for opposition to Section 511 of HR 5122 from the following list of conference negotiators:

Senator John Warner (Chairman) - Senator Carl Levin (Ranking Member)
Senator John McCain - Senator Edward Kennedy
Senator James Inhofe - Senator Robert Byrd
Senator Pat Roberts - Senator Joseph Lieberman
Senator Jeff Sessions - Senator Jack Reed
Senator Susan Collins - Senator Daniel Akaka
Senator John Ensign - Senator Bill Nelson
Senator James Talent - Senator Ben Nelson
Senator Saxby Chambliss - Senator Mark Dayton
Senator Lindsey Graham - Senator Evan Bayh
Senator Elizabeth Dole - Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
Senator John Cornyn
Senator John Thune

By using the “Write to Congress” feature on the NGAUS Web site at www.ngaus.org, you can immediately email your senator. A sample letter is included in our “Write to Congress” feature. You can email the pre-written message or edit the sample letter as you desire. This is the quickest and most effective method of expressing your views to your senators.

Also, contact your friends and family and urge them to "Write to Congress" as well.

For more in-depth information and background visit our web site at www.ngaus.org.

Please direct any questions concerning this issue to Michele Traficante, NGAUS Joint Programs Manager at 202-408-5893 or via email: michele.traficante@ngaus.org.

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