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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

16 terrorists killed, 10 detained in raids

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Coalition Forces killed 16 terrorists and detained 10 suspected terrorists while conducting operations Tuesday morning in the Baghdad and Haditha areas.
Intelligence reports indicated foreign terrorist facilitators were operating in an area northwest of Haditha. As Coalition Forces approached the area, several armed men exited buildings. Coalition Forces killed two armed terrorist and detained six other suspected terrorists as they attempted to flee the area.

Three terrorists made their way to a boat along the bank of the Al Qadisiyah Lake. They sped away to the opposite end of a small peninsula where they met up with four more men and were seen entering a tent. As Coalition Forces approached the area, the men exited the tents withweapons and ammunition vests.

Coalition Forces engaged the enemy force with rotary wing aircraft killing seven terrorists. Several weapons including grenades, machine guns and pistols were found in the tents.

In other operations in Baghdad, Coalition Forces approached a targeted building and called for the occupants to come out. Two men, a woman and four children exited the building, while several armed men were seen moving across the rooftop from an adjacent building.

Coalition Forces moved the women and children to a safe area away from the buildings and directed the men to surrender. The men began shooting at Coalition Forces and throwing grenades. One of the grenades started a fire in the building. Coalition Forces returned fire killing six terrorists. The two men who surrendered were detained for questioning.

The woman and her children were placed under Coalition Forces care until the area was deemed safe for return.

A raid in Yusufiyah targeted foreign fighter facilitators and individuals involved in the production of vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices. Upon arrival at the objective building, one terrorist fled the building and maneuvered toward the ground forces.Ground forces assessed the terrorist as hostile and shot and killed him.One suspected terrorist was detained.

While searching the building, Coalition Forces discovered materials and equipment used in the detonation of explosive devices.

During a raid in Mosul, Coalition Forces detained a suspected foreign terrorist facilitator.

Coalition Forces are working diligently to eliminate foreign terrorists trying to prevent the development and building of a new stable and peaceful Iraq.


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