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Friday, February 09, 2007

Iraqi Army, Cavalry take fight to the enemy...again

This is an article of brave Iraqi men who have taken their place of Iraq's military. They did not back down. They did not run away. They ran toward the terrorists.

    MOSUL, Iraq - Soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 7th (2-7) Cavalry Regiment conducted a raid on several houses in the Al Wahda neighborhood in east Mosul Feb. 4, after receiving intelligence about specific high-priority targets.

    Upon reaching the area near the Sabrine mosque, the Thunder element Soldiers dismounted and began searching their target area. As they reached the roof, they began taking small-arms fire from a group of insurgents. The insurgents also began lobbing grenades at the 2-7 Cavalry troops.

    Regrouping back down the stairs, the "Garry Owen" troops encountered two near misses. In one instance, a grenade bounced off of two Cavalry Soldiers before exploding in the living room of the house. In a second incident, Sgt. Konyaku Kaili, an infantryman with 2-7 Cavalry, was engaged by small-arms fire and received a round into the front SAPI plate of his body armor. The armor stopped the round, and he was not seriously injured.

    During the engagement, one insurgent blew himself up with an explosive vest, and another was shot and killed when quick-reaction reinforcement troops arrived from the Iraqi army and 2-7 Cavalry, effectively sealing off the target area.

    Simultaneously, five mortar rounds landed in the area and a large ammunition cache, that was stored in the house, sympathetically detonated due to the fire created by the insurgent attack.

    Soldiers from the Iraqi Army swept in and cleared all of the remaining houses, detaining five males in a car who were headed through the blockade, into the fight. The detainees had individual weapons with them as well as rocket-propelled grenades and launchers.

    All evidence was collected and detainees processed by the Iraqi Security Forces who were working on matching up the two killed insurgents with the descriptions of the high-priority targets.
Yes, they are amazing. I only wish this story would the American press...but how can it when reporters get their news from the enemy?

PS. I know that Cavalry is spelled Calvary, but they spell it that way all through the article. Maybe that is the way it is translated from Arabic? Anyway, what's the harm? Just as long as you know I did not miss that. lol.

Source: CENTCOM Press Release. If you have difficulty with that link, try this one.

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