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Friday, February 09, 2007

Iraqi, Coalition Forces Battle Terrorists After Investigating IED Blast

This is an article I found over at CENTCOM.mil. There are stories in the press release I am going to bring to you today starting with this one:

    BAGHDAD - Iraqi and Coalition Forces fought unidentified enemy fighters Feb. 8 in Baqubah, Diyala Province, after responding to investigate an improvised explosive device attack against a Coalition Forces convoy.

    Iraqi and Coalition Forces searching the area discovered a command wire which they followed from the explosion site to nearby buildings.

    While searching for the bomber, they began to receive heavy small arms and rocket propelled grenade fires from several enemy fighters in several buildings in the area including a mosque, was later identified as an abandoned mosque no longer in use, from which heavy fire was directed against Coalition and Iraqi Army Soldiers.

    Iraqi and Coalition Forces returned fires and called for support from an Aerial Weapons Team.

    Iraqi and Coalition Forces fired at several identified targets, including enemy fighters in the abandoned mosque, to neutralize the threat.

    Damage was caused to the abandoned mosque and surrounding buildings during the engagement.
    Iraqi Army forces entered the abandoned mosque to conduct a search for enemy fighters and weapons.

    Iraqi Forces confiscated five assault rifles, Iraqi Army uniforms and explosives and material for constructing IEDs during the search.

    One enemy fighter was killed.

    There were no Iraqi Forces or Coaltion Forces casualties.

    There were no reports of civilian casualties.
This is just one of the slow but sure example we are taking in this new push. I'm grateful no one on our side was injured. Stay careful and great, and keep your powder dry.

Source: CENTCOM Press Release. If you have a problem with that link, you will find the long version over at DoD Daily News-2.

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