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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Joint statement

Joint statement by Ambassador Asquith, Ambassador Crocker and Gen. Petraeus on the transfer of Maysan Province

April 18, 2007
Multi-National Force - Iraq Press Release

BAGHDAD - Today's transfer of security responsibility in Maysan Province from the Multi-National Force-Iraq to the Government of Iraq and civilian-controlled Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) demonstrates another step towards a stable and secure Iraq. Maysan is the fourth of 18 provinces to be transitioned and this reflects Iraq's continued steps toward a capability to govern and protect itself and its citizens as a sovereign nation.

The joint decision of the Iraqi Government and the MNF-I to transition security responsibility reflects their assessment of the situation in Maysan and the capabilities of the Iraqi Security Forces there. It also reflects an assessment of Maysan's provincial leadership as having the ability to perform governance duties at the provincial level. Transition teams are in place to facilitate the transfer process, and Coalition forces stand ready to provide assistance if needed.

Even after today's transfer, Multi-National Force-Iraq will remain committed to the development of Maysan Province. To date, the US Army Corps of Engineers has completed 211 projects in Maysan Province, totaling $98.2 million, and it will provide further funding for 15 additional projects totaling $14 million dollars. In addition to this, the Maysan Provincial Reconstruction Team is working with provincial officials to increase their ability to access central government funds and to improve the capacity of provincial institutions to spend revenues effectively. The PRT is also funding $8 million of health and road infrastructure projects, which will speed the delivery of essential services to the people of Maysan.

The transition of responsibility in Maysan Province represents another step toward Iraqi self-reliance. With the continued support of the Coalition, Iraq will continue to progress along a path to national unity, improved security, and increasing prosperity that benefits all its citizens.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT Rosie Tapper by e-mail or phone: 914 822 6778 or +964 7901 926 588. FOR THIS PRESS RELEASE AND OTHERS VISIT WWW.MNF-IRAQ.COM.

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