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Friday, June 01, 2007

NGAUS's History

NGAUS History
The National Guard's 340th birthday Oct. 7, 1976, prompted a telegram from President Ford to Maj. Gen. Francis S. Greenlief, NGAUS vice president.

"The National Guard continues to carry on a splendid tradition of service," stated Mr. Ford. "Its members ... draw inspiration from their glorious past but they also look ever forward to an equally illustrious future."

The parties continue, but the date has changed. The National Guard Bureau now recognizes Dec. 13 as the Guard's birthday - the date the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony ordered militia companies from the towns surrounding Boston to form into three regiments: North, South and East.

This Week in Guard History
Spring 1999: The composite 104th Expeditionary Operations Group (EOG) - the "Killer Bees" - with personnel and A-10s from the Idaho, Massachusetts and Michigan Air Guard assemble to fly missions over Kosovo, a province in the former Yugoslavia.

The unit flies 439 combat sorties, expending 64 AGM-65s Maverick air-to-surface missiles, 539 MK-82 general purpose 500-pound bombs, 49 CBU-87 "Combined Effects Munitions" and 14,300 rounds of machine gun ammunition while attacking enemy convoys, armor, artillery, supply and ammunition during the NATO-led Operation Allied Force.

Its pilots also fly combat airborne forward control missions. The 104th EOG accumulated 3,300 flying hours in 45 days without losing a single pilot or aircraft.

June 14 - Flag Day
June 30 - NGAUS dues deadline for conference seating priority
July 20 to 22 - NGAUS Board Meeting
Aug 25 to 27 - 129th NGAUS General Conference - San Juan, PR

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