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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

DoD Daily News-2 has moved to Rosemary's Thoughts

I thank you for your patronage, and I would like to keep this. Therefore I am letting you know that all of the same articles, opinions, news articles, etc. shall be available to you over at Rosemary's Thoughts. You will come upon other writings as well, but the Military is a high priority to me.

I love serving you, and I love helping those that I can. Please continue to visit me over at the new site. Why did I move? Because I wanted to merge all of my writings into one site. You have no idea how difficult it is to write for 8 different sites. Neither did I!

I will be moving each article over to the new site, while leaving a link here so that you may find the article. This is taking an enormous amount of time. However if you would stop over, you will find some posts that are directly related to CentCom, Blackfive, LFG, etc. It is also a cleaner site. You know how us gals are, right guys? lol. Thank you, have a great day, and keep your heads down and your powder dry. :)


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